5 Christmas Movies That Will Inspire You to Take a Holiday — Every Movie Has a Lesson

5 Christmas Movies That Will Inspire You to Take a Holiday

by Kevin Gardner

Is there anything that gets you excited for Christmas quite like a good holiday film?  Christmas movies airing on television signal the start of the season. Chances are you’ll end up watching your favorite Christmas movie over and over again every year. They are as much a part of the Christmas tradition as decorating the tree or baking cookies. They can also inspire some serious holiday travel. If you’re looking to up the ante this year with a Christmas-themed vacation, settle into one of these 5 holiday films for inspiration.


If there’s one place in the world that looks great at Christmastime, it’s New York City. The classic New York City department store decor in this movie is enchanting, especially when taken over by Will Ferrell and his magical brand of optimism. This movie is silly and oh so sugary sweet; spaghetti with marshmallows and chocolate sauce for breakfast anyone?  Strolling the streets of New York to check out the department store windows and walking through Central Park to look for a sleigh in the skies never sounded so good.

Love Actually

Don your best aran sweater and snuggle up for this modern-day Christmas classic. Though the characters’ lives are complicated, they all have one thing in common – love. The film’s opening and closing scenes in London’s Heathrow Airport will put you in the perfect mindset for holiday travel. Set in England, Portugal, the United States, and France, the filming locations will have you longing to book a winter trip overseas to find your happily ever after.

A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story is hilarious holiday nostalgia at its best. Seeing the Christmas season through the eyes of a little boy in the 1940s will bring out your inner child. You don’t even need to watch the movie for 24 hours on repeat to experience this annual tradition. Though the movie takes place in Indiana, the filming of Ralphie’s childhood home occurred in Cleveland, Ohio. The home used for filming has been converted into A Christmas Story museum, which you can tour or even rent for several nights so your family can see the movie. The inside of the home is decorated to match the film, leg lamp included. You’ll be laughing all the way home after seeing the “major award” in person. 

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Once again, New York City is king at Christmastime. Kevin’s antics take him throughout the city when it’s at its finest. The tree at Rockefeller Center has never looked more stunning. The quiet city filled with twinkling lights on Christmas Eve is absolutely magical. In the end this movie will leave you with a warm heart and eager to take a trip to see this gorgeous town in person. If you’re lucky you can even have the full experience by staying at the Plaza, or at the very least you can stop by for a beautiful photo op.

The Polar Express

Taking place almost entirely on an out of control train-ride to the North Pole, this animated classic will make you a true believer. The story has inspired railways around the United States to make their own version of the Polar Express each holiday season. Guests are often invited to wear their robes and pajamas, and are offered hot chocolate and cookies during their trip to the North Pole. Santa usually makes an appearance along with other characters from the movie. Watch the movie then check railways near you for a Christmas adventure your family will never forget! 

Christmas movies are like a hug from your television screen. They can make you laugh and they can make you cry. Movies are truly a part of the Christmas experience, and traveling to your favorite movie locations can make your fantasies a reality. No matter which type of Christmas movie is your favorite, you’re sure to find one that inspires you to take an enchanting holiday. 

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