5 Gratitude-Inspiring Holiday Movies You Can Watch Online — Every Movie Has a Lesson

by Kathy D

More than glittering new goods and presents, a meaningful Christmas season is about spending time with loved ones and establishing essential memories. According to research, practicing thankfulness regularly and attentively can enhance physical and emotional health, strengthen immune systems, and boost general happiness and well-being. Gratitude is a valuable character trait and life skill for children’s success and happiness, but it entails more than simply expressing “thank you.”

But, how can you create a thankfulness habit in the middle of wish lists and gift exchanges? Curling up with classic movies and culturally diverse media may help reinforce good messages and start a discourse about gratitude, in addition to dinnertime or bedtime routines to inspire thanks for everyday benefits.

Some of these touching moments are light and simple to watch, while others are more substantial. They convey profound lessons about the human spirit’s resiliency, and they all move us. Hopefully, these highly recommended feel-good, gratitude-inspiring videos will help you stay positive and productive throughout the year.

1. Up

Essentially, the film’s theme is that the real adventure of life is our relationships with others, and it’s all too easy to lose sight of the things we have and the people around us until they are gone. For this movie’s theme, you can even make gratitude cards for your loved ones.

Up is a master lesson in letting go of the past, whether it’s a tragedy or a childhood aspiration. It depicts the hurdles people encounter when attempting to move on and the difficulties they will face if they do not. But the film’s lingering message is that everyone has the power to embrace their history, no matter how tough it may appear.

The lovely soundtrack of Michael Giacchino, the exquisite animation, and the amusing characters all contribute. Still, the montage, the fact that everything has a more profound significance, and the sheer freshness of the whole thing are the major reasons this film is one of Pixar’s greatest.

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