5 Inspirational Movies Every Student Should Watch

There is a time in every student’s life when he is doomed into a world of failure and fatefulness and that’s when he needs the motivation the most. People often misjudge motivations and undermine its importance in our life but so they do it with other equally significant impetus to success—Hard work, Persistence and determination. No matter what your age is, these 5 movies will always work to motivate you, inspire you and uplift you when you almost resigned yourself to quitting.

The Shawshank Redemption

Shawshank Redemption is regarded as one of the best movies for a reason. It tops the IMDB best movies list for a reason and the reason is nothing but the stellar performances and spellbinding storyline. It stars Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman and is directed by Frank Darabont. If you have a notion that your almost negligible approach towards a better future may result into nothing but a handful of mud, then this movie is few steps to change your view.

The Pursuit of Happyness

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Will Smith gave his best performance in this movie. It is a movie to shake you from head to toe. Based on true events, it is a story of an American businessmen, investor, stock broker, motivational speaker and author Chris Gardner and marks the early years of his struggle to keep up his family and join as a stock Broker in a firm. This movie truly states that life is not a bed of roses but you have to plant roses.


Rocky stars non other than Sylvester Stallone, released in 1976 and went on to become one of the biggest hit of that time. It is also inducted into the National Film Registry and won 3 Oscars including the best picture. It is a film that will teach you not to brood about matters that will not yield result but work on those that are still in your hands. This movie will teach you to never stop believing in yourself and the reason why we have included it.

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump has been an inspiration to many and we don’t wonder why. Released in 1994, the movie soon became to top favorite of many for its content and brilliant performance by Tom Hanks who is seen to be a man of low wit and intelligence yet making it big in his life. Truly, the god helps those who help themselves even if they are treated as a nincompoop.

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Dead Poets Society

This movie should be among the top of your movie priority list and must be watched by every literature loving student. Story follows an English teacher John Keating who inspires his students to look at poetry with a different perspective of authentic knowledge and feeling. It stars Robin Williams and this movie will make you believe in why you should become a teacher, believe me.

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