8 Famous Movies Filmed in Greece and the Greek Islands — Every Movie Has a Lesson

This film is based on the novel by the writer Louis de Bernieres, which depicts the early days of the second world war. The action takes place on the Ionian Islands of Greece, presented to a viewer as a beautiful nameless narrative at the beginning of the film.

The story emanates from historical events of the Italian occupation of Ionic islands in 1943. These tragic events and breathtaking scenery of Kefalonia are used as a set for unraveling complicated relationships between peaceful island inhabitants and men of war. And, of course, the central focal point is a romantic one, portrayed by Nicholas Cage and Penelope Cruz are leading actors of the movie. 

Part of the filming took place in Kefalonia, which is nowadays a top-rated destination among tourists and travelers looking for romantic getaways. This place is famous for its numerous bays with sandy beaches, where the water is emerald, which is not often found in Greece, famous for its rocky cliffs. The directors have successfully managed to show the charm of tranquil Greece against the background of World War II. 

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