Director Brian Trenchard-Smith sits down with Drunken Yoda for an interview about his career spanning 50 years. From documentaries in his native Australia to B-movies in America like Leprechaun 3 and Leprechaun 4.

A lovely chap who had a great time in his life. Were they the best movies? No, and he’ll admit that. But you got to love his attitude towards how much fun he had making all these movies.

When you look at his filmography it blows you away. He’s covered action, science fiction, martial arts, comedy, war, family, thriller, romance, dystopian fiction and erotica.

I found this movie on Prime: Frog Dreaming, known in the USA as The Quest. I know I saw this waaaaaaaaaay back in the day and it was a pleasure rediscovering it again!

Of course, Brian is also responsible for all-around awesome perennial Last Movie Outpost favorite BMX Bandits, the movie that launched Nicole Kidman.

What a career! Definitely worth having a look at his book Adventures In The B-Movie Trade,  which is available right now.

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