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Benedict Cumberbatch talks spy film ‘The Courier’ and its resonance today – National

The Courier, the latest movie starring British actor Benedict Cumberbatch, follows the true story of Greville Wynne, a U.K. businessman enlisted to deliver messages to Russian secret agent Oleg Penkovsky during the Cold War in the ’60s.

In other words — Wynne, a soft-spoken everyman with a wife and child — becomes a spy for the British overnight. The stakes are high for Wynne, as one wrong step could result in his arrest, or worse, his death.

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Benedict Cumberbatch stars in ‘The Courier.’.

Liam Daniel/Elevation Pictures

The movie has several twists and turns (which will not be spoiled here), and as always Cumberbatch excels in the lead role. There are even moments of levity between the two men, and the should-be adversaries end up coming together for the common good: a lesson all of modern humanity could benefit from, especially considering the animosity that’s festered during COVID-19.

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Global News caught up with Cumberbatch on Zoom for a brief interview about The Courier, and we discussed whether he has a preference for playing real-life roles and if the movie’s message has resonance today.

You can watch the interview in the video, top.

‘The Courier’ is opening in Canadian theatres and will be streaming on-demand as of April 16.

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