Best Idris Elba Screen Perfomances

Do you love Idris Elba? If yes then you got to check out his movies. He has won several awards including a Golden Globe award.

Idris is a British actor who has been acting since he was six years old. During the 90’s he attended drama school before making it big on TV and film. He became famous after starring in cult classics such as Luther and Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom.

In this post, we are going to show you our favorite Idris Elba movies to watch when you take a break from your australian online casino gaming. Enjoy!


If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you’re missing out! This is one of his most popular movies. It’s about Martin Luther, an Anglican priest turned Catholic monk. After being exposed to what he sees as heresy, he starts a battle against the church. 

This isn’t your typical family-friendly family movie. There are lots of violence and strong language throughout. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch it if you want to see how awesome this movie really is.

Mandela: The Long Walk to Freedom

This is another very good movie by Idris Elba. We suggest watching it even though it hasn’t reached American theaters yet. Watch it instead while it’s still streaming on Netflix. This movie follows Nelson Mandela’s 27 months long imprisonment. It’s a good movie 

In the first part of the movie, we learn about Mandela’s childhood in South Africa. We follow him from his early days until he becomes president of South Africa. As with many other political dramas, there is a conflict between people and government. I think this movie does justice to both Mandela and those around him at the time.

The Wire

This is a great series by HBO. We definitely recommend every fan of crime shows to give it a shot on new casino websites. This great thriller is centered around an African-American police detective named Jimmy McNulty. His worldview changes when he meets a drug dealer whom he later learns is corrupt. 

The rest of the series revolves around Jimmy’s struggle to figure out why drugs are so much more common in Baltimore than anywhere else. There is a lot of action, but also some heavy themes like corruption within law enforcement and systemic racism. It’s not for everyone, but if you can tolerate it, it makes for fascinating television.

Pacific Rim

An epic sci-fi adventure that pits giant monsters called Kaiju against giant robots piloted by mankind. What a bunch of fun! If you enjoy epic adventures in the Pacific Ocean where humans fight giant monsters, this is the movie for you. The special effects are fantastic and there is plenty of monster carnage. You have to watch it.

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