Blue Miracle Trailer Features Dennis Quaid Helping Orphans Win a Fishing Competition


The heartwarming film comes to Netflix in May.


The trailer for Netflix’s Blue Miracle is here, an inspiring tale of Omar (Jimmy Gonzales) working with the orphans he helps raise at Casa Hogar. When a storm ravages their home, they have to search for ways to make ends meet and join a fishing competition with Captain Wade (Dennis Quaid).

Co-written by Julio Quintana and Chris Dowling, and directed by Quintana, Blue Miracle seems like an inspiring tale of coming together to find success when it seems as if everything is against this crew. The logline for Blue Miracle states this is “The incredible true story of Casa Hogar, the Mexican boys home that entered the world’s biggest fishing tournament to save their orphanage.” As we can see from the trailer,  Omar clearly cares for the boys at Casa Hogar, making sure to show them how loved and appreciated they are, and teaming up with Captain Wade seems as if it will be a challenge for him as well.


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Blue Miracle is based on a true story, and as People points out, the Mexican orphanage was hit hard after Hurricane Odile came to the Baja California peninsula in 2014. In the trailer, we see the joy that Casa Hogar brought for these boys prior to the hurricane, and getting to see how Omar helps the orphanage rebuild feels like a heartwarming story perfect for a movie adaptation.

Quaid’s Captain Wade shows up for Bisbee’s Black & Blue Tournament – which he claims to have won twice – but has to team up with a local fisherman in Mexico. Omar and Wade agree that Omar and “three of your least annoying orphans” will join him so he can catch the best fish and win the tournament, which he’ll split with Omar and the orphanage.

Blue Miracle comes to Netflix on May 27. Check out the official trailer and poster for Blue Miracle below.



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