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Captain Sandy Reveals the Hardest Part of Filming Below Deck

Below Deck Med’s Captain Sandy Announces New Stage Show, Plus Reveals How Stressful Yachtie Life Really Is

Credit: Laurent Basset/Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean’s Captain Sandy Yawn is opening up about the hit Bravo show in a way she never has before with a West End London Stage Show! In a new interview with The Mirror, Captain Sandy discussed how stressful yachtie life really is for her and her crew.

“I had no desire to be famous,” she told the outlet. “It was never on my radar. I just wanted to be a good human being.”

Captain Sandy initially did not want anything to do with the Below Deck franchise, thinking it could derail her impressive career as a female captain, who are the minority in the yachting industry. However, it has led her to so many opportunities, especially her new stage show on London’s West End.

In her show she reveals all about Below Deck Med, “Everything that you see on TV is absolutely reality. There is no scripting there. The difference is I don’t hire the crew, they’re casted. That’s why you get a lot of the party animals.”

Captain Sandy went on to share how stressful the show is as it’s not just a reality show but a “real profession,” and it all stands on her shoulders.

“It’s a real job, real profession, real lives at sake when we go to sea. It’s a huge responsibility and it’s all on my shoulders.”

She also reiterated that it’s not just all partying and confetti, adding that though the crew do sometimes party hard during their time off, they work even harder.

“It’s not all party, it’s hard work. They do work hard but the crew party less because it’s so exhausting,” she said.

The famous captain also lamented on having to be away from loved ones while on charter all while dealing with cameras following your every move.

“Being away from our family is the hardest thing about filming, and having cameras in your face,” Captain Sandy confessed.

“It’s hard, it’s not easy. It’s very stressful but it’s fun. If it was easy, then it would be boring. You need a certain amount of that in life I think, that makes you feel like you’ve achieved something,” she continued.

Speaking on her new show, which is for one night only, Captain Sandy said she is “elated” at being able to connect with fans in the U.K., and she never dreamed that it could happen.

“I’m really excited. I just want to connect with people from the United Kingdom. I love the UK. It’s such an honor and a pleasure to be doing this in this country. There is so much history. The maritime history in the UK is huge,” Captain Sandy gushed.

“I didn’t know this would ever happen, I’m just so elated. Through my story-telling it’s really funny.”

Below Deck Mediterranean is currently on hiatus, but you can catch up on all episodes on Peacock.

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