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Cecily Strong’s Jeanine Pirro Chugs Wine, Belts ‘My Way’ on ‘SNL’

The past year has been a wild ride, but Cecily Strong’s Jeanine Pirro wants you to know one thing: “I’m still here,” she told Saturday Night Live’s audience during the season finale. “My show on Fox is on every Saturday at 9—a full hour before the nursing homes turn off the TV in the lobby!”

Strong’s impersonation of the Fox News host has become a fan favorite in recent years, and as Season 46 comes to a close, she closed things out with a bang—and one last, completely bonkers rant, in which she described, among other things, a recent trip to Mar-a-Lago: “It’s like being on a cruise ship that’s permanently docked in the hottest part of Florida, in between two classy strip clubs—you know, where the gals wear ballgowns. There’s an endless buffet of rubbery shrimp and the air smells like a bathroom stall that’s been freshly sprayed with Poo-Pourri.”

And when asked what she thinks of Joe Biden, well… Do you even need to ask? Wine flew everywhere as “Pirro” cried out, “He’s a disaster!”

So profound is Pirro’s disappointment, in fact, that it was enough to move her to song. “Colin, even as I watch our beautiful country get overrun by a gang of MS-13’s angriest Mexican lesbians, I’m still standing strong,” she said. “Because I always did it my way.” You can guess where this is going, right? (In case it isn’t obvious: Cue a Frank Sinatra riff, sung from inside a giant glass box of wine.)

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