Director Chad Barager Talks About His New Horror Film ‘The Inheritance” – That Moment In

The Inheritance, 2020 © Apollo Pictures

Chad Barager, co-director of the new haunted house flick The Inheritance (now on DVD and Digital from Uncork’d Entertainment), explains where his love of things that go bump in the night come from.

Tell us where your love of horror films come from, Chad?

When I was a kid my parents were watching MGM’s Poltergeist. I snuck in and watched it. It was my first experience with horror films and a crash course about ghosts. I was completely enthralled but also completely terrified. I never looked at my television the same way again. But I watched every horror film I could after that. 

And do you remember the first film you saw?

Star Wars. Shaped my entire life and love of movies.

The Inheritance, 2020 © Apollo Pictures

Was there a film or filmmaker that motivated your decision to pursue filmmaking for a career?

Ridley Scott. Blade Runner was a definite inspiration.

Did any of those filmmakers or films influence this?

Not for this film. Tobe Hooper, director of Poltergeist did. 

How long ago did you write the screenplay?

Four years ago.

Did the idea change much over the course of those drafts?

I teamed up with a trusted filmmaker, Kevin Speckmaier, who I’d been friends with for years. Together we streamlined and it pretty much stayed on the same path until we had the final draft. 

It’s not an -out-and-out horror movie though, is it. How did you pitch it to investors?

I teamed up with colleagues whom I’d already produced films with but I was the lead investor. They were taking a risk joining me as it was my directorial debut but after a few drinks and some convincing over time they climbed aboard. I said it was a ghost story with heart. 

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