Dressing ‘Halston,’ ‘The Queen’s Gambit,’ and More of This Season’s Best-Outfitted Series

The series bounces between the early 1980s, when the wrestler turned movie star was a child in Hawaii; the late 1980s, when Johnson was a high school student in Pennsylvania; the 1990s, when he played football at the University of Miami; and the not-so-distant future, when the fictional Johnson is running for president. (He has not actually confirmed that he plans to run for office…yet.)

Evans accommodated each story line, whether the wardrobe called for retro wrestling gear, ’80s sweaters, or a Woody Woodpecker starter jacket. She estimates that she relied on vintage clothing for about 60 percent of the wardrobe while custom-building the rest. “I felt like we were re-creating this moment that had this grounded-authenticity feel to it,” she says.


The Underground Railroad, based on Colson Whitehead’s 2016 novel, depicts the antebellum-era path to freedom as a literal railway. Costumer Caroline Eselin naturally looked to history to inform her designs: “I think we found every published daguerreotype, painting, drawing, etching of the enslaved that we could.”

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