Eleanor is Questioning Whether Marriage is the Right Choice on Bramwell

A scene from the British medical television drama series, ‘Bramwell.’

The fight for female equality is an ever-lasting one, as strong-willed women have struggled to prove their worth in the professional world for centuries. Jemma Redgrave’s eponymous character of Dr. Eleanor Bramwell on the British television series, ‘Bramwell,’ challenges the domination of men in the medical field, as she runs a free hospital for the poor in the East End of London during the late Victorian era.

The medical drama, which originally aired for four series in the mid-1990s on ITV, is now being broadcast on the Drama channel on Filmon TV. The latest episode of ‘Bramwell’ is set to stream on Filmon tonight at 8:00pm-10:10pm local time. It can be watched live, or recorded and watched at a later time.

The first episode from Series 4 of ‘Bramwell,’ which is titled ‘Our Brave Boys,’ was written by Lucy Gannon, and directed by Paul Unwin. The episode follows Eleanor as she’s adjusting to life on her own after her father’s wedding. She’s engaged to Dr. Marsham (Kevin McMonagle), but is still unsure whether marriage is the right thing to do.

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