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Emily Simpson Reveals Biggest Regret of RHOC, Talks Reunion

RHOC's Emily Simpson Reveals Biggest Regret and If She's Had a "Bravo, Bravo" Moment, Plus Talks Skipping a Reunion and the Season 16 Scenes She's Most Proud Of

Emily Simpson is sharing her biggest regret from her time on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

While also revealing if she’s ever had a Denise Richards-style “Bravo, Bravo” moment or considered skipping the reunion, à la Mary Cosby, Emily looked back at the past four seasons she’s filmed and said that when it comes to her biggest regret, one particular thing comes to mind.

“I regret outfit choices,” Emily admitted during an interview with Us Weekly earlier this month. “I’ll be like, ‘Eh, that wasn’t a great one. So I would say outfit choices. Like [at Braunwyn Windham Burke]’s vow renewal. I had like this tight maroon dress on but it was before, I feel like I was maybe not in the best shape to wear it and it maybe should have been left in the closet. But what are you going to do? I thought it looked good.”

During an episode of RHOC earlier this month, fans watched as Emily did shot after shot and made some very racy comments to her husband, Shane Simpson. However, when asked about pulling the “Bravo, Bravo” card, which prevents the network from using the footage in the show, Emily said she was too far gone to think of such an idea.

“I was too drunk to do the ‘Bravo, Bravo, Bravo,’ but looking back I wish someone would’ve done it for me,” she joked, noting that she and her castmates have “no rules when it comes to drinking.”

In addition to not using “Bravo, Bravo” to force the removal of footage, Emily has also not considered skipping any of the reunions she’s been a part of and doesn’t understand why past Real Housewives, including Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof, have done so.

“It’s like the Super Bowl. You film a regular season then you just don’t go to the Super Bowl?” she wondered. “I mean, it’s hard and it’s tough but you have to just… It’s one day out of your life so just go and get through it.”

According to Emily, she “[powers] through” reunions, even though she absolutely “[dreads] them.”

“I dread them. I don’t look forward to it,” she confessed. “I know it’s necessary and I feel like I go in prepared but I dread it.”

As for the moments of RHOC season 16 she’s most proud of, Emily said that would be the scenes with her family.

“I would say things coming up this season, a little later,” she revealed. “There’s just things about my family that come up, with my daughter and then Shane and me later on and I’m just proud of my family.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 16 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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