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Erika Jayne Dishes on Her $1,810 Skincare Routine, Get Details of RHOBH Star’s Extravagant Beauty Regimen

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Erika Jayne may be facing accusations of embezzling millions of dollars from estranged husband Thomas Girardi‘s former clients, but that’s not stopping the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member from splurging on her skincare routine.

As she and Thomas continue to face numerous lawsuits suggesting they used clients’ settlements to fund their lavish lifestyle, the 49-year-old is speaking out about her $1,810 skincare routine.

“I’m a month away from turning 50, and to me, if your skin is in good condition, your hair is in good condition, your teeth are in good condition, it’s more than aesthetics and grooming,” Erika told Glamour for their Drop the Routine series. “It’s reflective of your overall health and taking care of your body. And that makes me feel confident.”

According to Erika, who has rosacea-prone skin, she’s “always been focused on healthy skin.”

“I can’t stress this enough: Make sure your dermatologist really checks all your moles and skin tags and things like that,” she said. “Who doesn’t love a little micro-needling and a good ol’ laser, but I think really looking out for skin cancer is important first. And I mean all over your body—on your scalp, in between your toes, everywhere.”

Below are several products Erika includes in her extravagant beauty regiment:

Skin Care Essential

Aquaphor ($7) is in my purse, and I use it all the time,” Erika revealed of her budget-friendly favorite. “It sits by my nightstand. It is the one lip balm I’ve used forever.”


When it comes to washing her face, Erika prefers to use Fresh Seaberry Nourishing Cleansing Oil ($43) because it melts away her makeup easily.

“I also recommend Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water ($12) to remove waterproof eye makeup,” she added.

In addition to cleaning her face and using iS Clinical Honey Warming Cleanser ($45) and the iS Cleansing Complex ($44) for the final touches, Erika covers her body in Cetaphil’s Eczema Calming Body Wash ($21) and Moisturizer ($14).

“It’s great because it doesn’t dry me out, and the moisturizer goes on my arms, legs, everywhere. If I am sweaty and gross, I will use the Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash ($11) that’s got a little bit of salicylic acid to get the grime off.”

Eye Cream

For her eyes, Erika sticks with the iS Clinical brand.

“I love their Youth Eye Complex ($105) because it’s so moisturizing. Is it gonna give you an eye lift? No. A doctor does that. Botox does that. But does it moisturize those fine lines? Absolutely,” she explained.

Face Oil

Furtuna’s Bi-phase Moisturizing Oil ($225) from Italy is really nice. The Italians love some olive oil, and I’m down with that! I also love Sisley’s Black Rose Precious Face Oil ($250). It’s such a great brand,” Erika stated.


When feeling super dry during the winter months, Erika uses the iS Clinical Intensive Creme ($225). Meanwhile, in the summer, she goes for a lighter product like Youth Serum ($154).

Spot Treatment

Erika is a creature of habit when it comes to her spot treatment and says she’s been using Mario Badescu drying lotion ($17) “since the ’90s.”

Face Mask

“I love Madonna’s MDNA Skin rose mist ($90). Mario Badescu also has a great one that is reasonably priced. There’s the lavender one, an aloe one, and then of course, my favorite, the rose water one ($12),” Erika revealed, adding that she also uses rose water in her hair after workouts to eliminate grime.

Bust Cream

While some women believe skincare stops at the chin, Erika said it’s important to care for one’s neck and décolleté, as well.

“I love Sisley’s Phytobuste + Décolleté cream ($305),” she shared. “I don’t know why American women don’t use [bust cream] more. European women love it. You wanna wear something low and plunging, you don’t need creepy, dried-out décolleté.”


To protect her face from the sun, Erika uses LaRoche-Posay’s Anthelios Light Fluid Sunscreen ($30) for full-on, in-the-water protection and also likes iS Clinical’s Extreme Protect SPF40 ($84).

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