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Erika Jayne & Lisa Rinna Have Same Manager and CPA According to Attorney, Says He Will Clear RHOBH Singer if No Wrongdoing is Found

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Erika Jayne and Lisa Rinna have a lot in common.

During a recent appearance on Heather McDonald‘s podcast, attorney Ronald Richards, who is currently investigating Erika as part of her estranged husband Thomas Girardi‘s bankruptcy case, explained what prompted him to look into Lisa’s finances before revealing what it will take for him to “clear” Erika.

After Heather questioned Ronald about why he decided to reveal Lisa owed $3.45 million on her home on the August 3 episode of Juicy Scoop, the attorney said his attention was drawn to Lisa for a number of reasons.

“What drew my attention to Lisa was this… She uses the same business manager as [Erika], and the same CPA… and the business manager was making new companies for both of them in close proximity,” he explained.

And that’s not all.

“[Erika] paid for her lawyer to represent the accountant when I started going after him to get documents,” he shared, noting that most attorneys don’t represent all witnesses because they want to show their client is independent.

“In this case, [Erika] is using fees to pay her lawyer to represent two of the witnesses that were ordered to produce documents,” he added.

Ronald then made a third point, noting that Lisa had attacked Camille Grammer online after seeing that she had suggested Erika’s on-screen tears were inauthentic.

Ronald also said he shared his post about the debt on Lisa’s home because he felt her behavior was hypocritical.

“The post was simply to post the fact that she shouldn’t be attacking everybody like she’s coming from such a financially superior position,” he explained.

During another segment of Juicy Scoop, Ronald said he’d love to clear the RHOBH cast member.

“I intend to clear [Erika] if she didn’t receive any of their large-scale transfers. I’m not her enemy,” he insisted. “I’ve spent 100s of thousands of dollars of attorney time and 10s of thousands of dollars of cost and what people don’t realize, there’s a good chance we may get nothing. We may work for months and months and months and not uncover a transfer that I can claw back. That’s a very big risk.”

Although people have suggested Thomas will be getting 40 percent of $25 million if he proves Erika received the money from Thomas or his law firm, Girardi Keese, Ronald said that was not the case, especially considering “there’s no evidence that [she] ever received cash.”

“She may have received some value for some of these receivables that are listed on tax returns of Girardi Keese, up to $25 million, but that doesn’t mean she has to write a check for $25 million and we get 40 percent of it. It just doesn’t work that way,” he stated.

According to Ronald, tax returns for the past four years have said there’s a receivable to the law firm of $25 million. However, because he is not getting “transparency” and has not yet seen the tax returns of EJ Global, Erika’s company, he’s not sure how the money was reflected on Girardi Keese’s tax returns.

“There’s two outcomes here, one is CPAs and Girardi himself committed a massive tax fraud and perjury or [Erika] got some value that she authorized as a receivable,” he said.

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