Film Review: MARK, MARY & SOME OTHER PEOPLE (2021): Good Performances In A Unique Film With A Smart Story

Mark, Mary & Some Other People Review

Mark, Mary & Some Other People (2021) Film Review, a movie directed by Hannah Marks and starring Ben Rosenfield, Hayley Law, Nik Dodani, Lea Thompson, Matt Shively, Sofia Bryant, Kelli Berglund, Esther Povitsky, Joe Lo Truglio, Haley Ramm, Pete Williams, Gillian Jacobs, Steve Little, Alina Bock, Gregg Brown and Ohad Bitton.

Hannah Marks wrote and directed the entertaining and intriguing film, Mark, Mary & Some Other People. The film opens with the two main characters Mark (Ben Rosenfield) and Mary (Hayley Law) in a convenience store. Mark seems to remember Mary from somewhere and, soon, they’re awaiting the results of a pregnancy test. Mary’s purchase of the pregnancy kit initiates the plot and, later on in the film, another pregnancy test Mary takes will have a big impact on the character development of the movie. This is a smart film that knows how young people engage in relationships (sexual or otherwise) these days. Marks creates two well-layered characters even if some of the “other people” in the film are instantly forgettable.



Mark and Mary get married and find themselves in awe of one another. For a little while anyway. When they decide that they want to have an open relationship, the complexity of the story line takes center stage as the couple starts engaging in sexual relationships with other people. They find their alternate sexual partners online for the most part although they occasionally seem to be able to hook up at parties as well. In a hilarious scene, Mark meets a girl at a party (well played by Kelli Berglund) and gets together with her only to end up crying in front of her in a rather awkward encounter.

Ben Rosenfield as Mark is truly charismatic and has some good scenes with Law who plays Mary. They are a normal looking couple with wants and needs that, perhaps, should have been satisfied before they agreed to get married. Law creates a genuinely effective character with some raw, emotional scenes that are well directed by Marks.

Lea Thompson pops up in the film as Aunty Carol who gives our central couple some witty banter about how people used to meet before the internet and she has a couple of funny lines. Also noteworthy in the supporting cast is Gillian Jacobs who tells Mary to let her body be like “jell-o” during a gynecological exam. Nik Dodani and Matt Shively as Kyle and AJ, Mark’s friends, have their moments as well. It’s the majority of people that Mark and Mary sleep with that don’t really register and they’re not really supposed to. The film basically just shows them in montage sequences.

A slight problem with Mark, Mary & Some Other People is its frankness. Some dialogue that happens behind closed doors is embarrassing and Marks doesn’t shy away from showing the things people say that they probably should not. However, that problem ends up ultimately working to the film’s advantage as we get scenes that are undeniably raw but, also, quite fascinating as well as the plot gets very deep and layered.

The second pregnancy test for Mary challenges the main characters’ affections for one another and is truly a “test” to see if the couple can overcome the problems they seem to be facing in their marriage. This movie doesn’t offer easy answers at the conclusion but ends satisfyingly because it gives the audience a hint at the possibilities that await the characters in the future after the credits roll.

Hannah Marks has delivered a satisfying film with Mark, Mary & Some Other People. Hayley Law is an actress whose vulnerability on screen comes across quite well and Rosenfield is a perfect match for her as far as the casting of the picture is concerned. You’ll want to see how their marriage develops in this very interesting movie about modern day relationships.

Rating: 7/10

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