Filmmaker Jared Cohn on his new Thriller ‘Stalker in the House’ – That Moment In

Jared Cohn, director and co-star of the new anti-dating thriller Stalker in the House, chats with us about the film’s inspirations, the pandemic, and working with Scout Taylor Compton.

How many hats are you wearing these days Jared?

Writing, directing and producing! And I have a small part int his one too – so I’m still flexing those acting muscles on occasion too.

You’re making a lot of films still -did anything quiet down for you during the pandemic?

No, I was crazy busy. – strange to say 2000 was a crazy year for me work-wise. 

Were you offered a lot of work after the highly-publicized Lynyrd Skynrd movie? Is that when things started to heat up?

No, it helped, but I produce my own stuff so it’s up to me how much I work and how busy I get. I also direct for others but it’s the films I’ve been producing myself that have kept me largely busy during the pandemic. I try and stay busy, thank the universe that I am. 

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You definitely seem to gravitate towards thriller and action films. Has that always been your favorite type of flick?

Honestly? I’m just grateful to be working – regardless of the genre. Really, I’m happy to be on set with good people. 

I imagine it must have been a thrill to direct Bruce Willis in “Deadlock”? What was the first Bruce Willis film you ever saw?

It was so cool to work with him. I did two films with Bruce. I am a fan- I’ve seen many Bruce Willis’ films, not sure which was first. Hmm … let me think!

Did you talk with him about any of those classics while on the set or was it all business?

We were cool but I didn’t want to bug him too much and talk Die Hard or past movies. Ha-ha. 

And now you’ve got a movie with Scout Taylor Compton – who is also great- “A Stalker in the House”. How was she to work with?

She’s great. To sum Scout up she’s a professional who delivers consistently. 

Do you ever feel nervous working with someone of note like Scout or Bruce?

No, really, they’re just people doing their job – and doing it brilliant. I just show respect and focus on making the best movie I can. There’s no time to be nervous.

Happy with “A Stalker in the House”?

I thought it came out well. Please watch and comment, good or bad. 

Deal! How much of an inspiration was say ‘Fatal Attraction’ and ‘The Stepfather’, and movies like that?

Not much. The inspiration was to make an intimate movie in one location. It was for the actors to act. 

Speaking of … you mentioned you’re in the film?

I did! Check me out! Ha!

Jared, you deserve a nice holiday soon!

That sounds nice!

A STALKER IN THE HOUSE is on Demand from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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