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Fox News’ Jesse Watters Melts Down After Black Co-Host Juan Williams’ Reality Check

On Monday afternoon, as jurors started to deliberate over former officer Derek Chauvin’s fate, Juan Williams attempted to calmly explain something to his co-hosts on The Five that may seem obvious to non-Fox News viewers: Police brutality is a real problem in America. Jesse Watters didn’t want to hear it.

In the final moments of that show’s broadcast, The Five’s only co-host of color simply tried to raise the importance of the video evidence in the George Floyd case. “We always give the benefit of the doubt to law enforcement in this country,” Williams said. “But we have gone through a sea change over the last few years because people have cell phones and cell phone cameras and people have been recording what the police do.”

“The fact that you had the visual, that the jury could see, that the nation could see what took place, could time the extent to which the knee was on the neck,” he continued, “I think that has made a tremendous difference and it has added credibility to the idea that, you know what? The police often go to extremes that are indefensible when it comes to their handling of American citizens and especially citizens of color.”

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