[Funko Games] Holiday Games for All | Hi-Def Ninja – Blu-ray SteelBooks – Pop Culture

With the holiday season right around the corner now is the perfect time to recap some of the fun and entertaining games Funko Games has released throughout the year. Perfect for your next game day with family and friends a bunch of new games to enjoy while you are spending time with family and friends these games, which span across a range of genres, are perfect for gamers at all levels of experience.

Lots to cover here so lets dive right in!

Seinfeld: The Party Game About Nothing
Celebrate the hit ’90s TV show in this hilarious head-to-head party game that will challenge what you know about the “show about nothing.”

Score points by answering trivia questions, charades-style acting, and guessing who said or did some of the most hilarious bits ever aired on television! You’ll even get a chance to fish for the marble rye like George and Jerry did!

Features a two-team party game that can be played with one to four players per team and includes over 1400 individual questions, quotes, and charades cues in one game in a “whodunnit”-style challenges covering EVERY episode from the series! Each card has a unique illustration to remind you of the hilarious hijinks Jerry and company pull off!

For 2–8 Players
20-30 Minute Gameplay

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