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Game of Thrones: Everything We Know About the Season 6 Cast

Game of Thrones may not have released an official casting reel for Season 6, but thanks to rumors, set sightings, and a slow trickle of casting announcements, we finally have a pretty good sense of the new faces joining the gang in Westeros this year. Below is a map to help you get to know the ladies and gentlemen of Game of Thrones Season 6. Light spoilers to follow.

You have been warned.

The Fighters at the Tower

Most of what you’ll find in this post is a (hopefully) organized rundown of all the Season 6 casting information that’s out there. But as far as new casting info goes, this latest report on the Season 6 Tower of Joy flashback is hot off the presses. We know from the books that this will be a showdown between a youngish Ned Stark and some other players. Deadline reports that young actor Robert Aramayo has been cast and given his resemblance (see him here!) to the dearly departed Jojen Reed, some Game of Thrones fans believe he’ll be playing Howland Reed—Ned Stark’s old friend and father to Jojen and Meera.

This theory is backed up by the fact that Aramayo has been spotted training with Luke Roberts (pictured above in the CW series Reign)—believed to be playing legendary fighter Arthur Dayne—and Eddie Eyre who will be playing the show-created role of Ser Alfred Hunrith. Eyre is filming at the Tower of Joy location in Spain at the moment so we suspect his training buddies (as well as some mystery women and Isaac Hempstead Wright a.k.a. Bran!) are on location with him. In the books, Reed, Dayne, and Ned were all at the Tower of Joy but no word yet on who is playing the twentysomething version of the Stark patriarch.

The Ghosts in Flashbacks

While we may not know who is playing the twentysomething Ned Stark who visits the Tower of Joy (please say Sean Bean in nine inches of makeup!), we do know that Sebastian Croft (pictured above) has been cast as the even younger version of Ned. We also know that actor Fergus Leathem has been cast and possibly will be playing a young Robert Baratheon. (He certainly looks like he could pass for a young Mark Addy.) There’s also Sam Coleman who looks like a perfect fit for young Hodor. (Rumor has it we get his backstory.) The flashbacks are all rumored to be part of Bran’s increasing psychic training and that’s why, presumably, Hempstead Wright was spotted at the Tower of Joy location.

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