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Gia Giudice Talks Scene She Tried to Cut From RHONJ, Reconciliation Between Teresa and Caroline, Pursuing Law Degree

Gia Giudice was so unhappy with one scene of The Real Housewives of New Jersey that she actually reached out in hopes of having it cut from season 11.

During Sunday’s special kids episode of Watch What Happens Live, Gia revealed which scene that was before naming Teresa Giudice‘s “favorite” daughter and discussing her mom’s potential reconciliation with her former on-screen nemesis, Caroline Manzo.

“The coke thing with Jackie,” Gia said when asked about a scene she wanted to be cut from RHONJ on a recent WWHL: After Show episode, citing a premiere moment in which Jackie Goldschneider used an analogy about drug use to prove a point to Teresa, who has spread a false rumor about Evan Goldschneider cheating.

Gia, who is currently pursuing her dream of becoming a lawyer as a sophomore at Rutgers University, said that when it comes to her parents’ past legal drama and time behind bars, she was “absolutely” inspired to go after a career in law.

“Their whole experience influenced me for the better. I want to be able to help families and be there for families and help children, honestly, especially,” she explained.

When she was then asked which of her siblings is favored or gets away with the most, Gia said it was Melania, who “can get away with murder.”

During the live broadcast of WWHL, Gia was met with Albie and Chris Manzo and questioned about her current thoughts on the boys.

“I’ve never had any issues with Albie or Chris. They’re both great kids. We’re all great kids,” Gia confirmed. “Whatever our parents… it’s with our parents.”

Looking back at the time they spent together on RHONJ, Albie said that he and the Giudice girls shared a “ton of fun memories” of when they used to hang out at the Giudice’s former family home.

“I think it probably would be a little unfair to keep us all to keep in touch. It’s a pretty big age gap, but obviously, it looks like Gia’s doing great, and that’s awesome. That’s really, really great to see,” he added.

As the episode continued, Gia and the Manzo boys were asked if they thought their mothers would ever reconcile.

“No,” Gia quickly replied.

Meanwhile, Chris said the idea likely isn’t something either has considered.

“I don’t honestly know enough about where either one’s heads are at,” he admitted. “I don’t think either of them are thinking about it. Again, I’m not speaking for Teresa, but I don’t know that either of them have even thought about it.”

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