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Heather Dubrow Says Daughter Max Has Quit RHOC, Shares Why

Heather Dubrow Reveals Kids Aren’t Fans of Filming RHOC as Daughter Max Quits Show

Credit: AXELLE/BAUER-GRIFFIN / MEGA, Instagram/Max Dubrow

Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow just revealed on her podcast, Heather’s World, that her children are not as big of fans of filming the show as she has previously let on, specifically saying that one of her children no longer wants to film at all.

Much of Heather’s storyline during season 16 revolved around her family. She has continuously said in countless interviews that she wants to show the world what a modern and healthy family looks like, but it’s now looking like she and her children are no longer on the same page.

Per Heavy, Heather said on her podcast, “With the girls, they are savage because if they feel like it didn’t go well, they are out.”

Most notably, eldest daughter Max has decided she no longer wants to film after she was unhappy about a scene during last season where, during a family dinner, younger sibling Kat ridiculed Max for the way she was eating.

“We had a family dinner, and it was on where Kat and Max got into it and look, I have four kids, they don’t always get along, that’s normal,” said Heather. “I’m not pretending to have any kind of perfect anything but again, sort of that balance of showing real family and all of that and sometimes stuff happens. And they end up fighting at the dinner table. But like Max was not happy about it.

Apparently, Max was so unhappy about it that she asked her mom if they would even air the scene, to which Heather promptly said, “Nah.”

However, the scene did air, and Heather revealed that Max “doesn’t want to film anymore.”

Heather tried to defend herself, saying, “I’m not the producer!” (True, to be honest.)

Heather has previously said her children are wary of filming during an appearance on Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef back in January of this year.

“All the kids thought it was a great idea but with the kids, it’s like they think it’s a great idea until you say, ‘hey throw a microphone on and we’re going to go to an escape room’ and then they are like ‘oh really?’ So you know, they like the idea of it more than the actual filming of it,” Heather told the podcast.

For someone who is so family-oriented, if you knew your kids weren’t all that keen on filming, why put them in that position?

The Real Housewives of Orange County is currently on hiatus.

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