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Hollywood Responds To NBC’s Cancellation Of 2022 Golden Globes – Deadline

Refresh for Updates…After NBC put more pressure on the beleaguered HFPA, to demand reform within the organization, by announcing that it would not be airing the 2022 Golden Globes, reactions from entertainment industry figures quickly started flooding in.

“Everything matters. Even this,” tweeted filmmaker Ava DuVernay. “The ripple effects echo through our industry, especially for Black artists and artists of color. Kudos to all the activists, artists, publicists and executives who took a stand to make this so.”

Prolific showrunner Shonda Rhimes echoed DuVernay’s sentiment. “Every step forward matters,” she wrote. “So many people in front of/behind the camera, at studios/streamers & PR firms took a stand to shift a piece of the biz model that affects the economic futures of artists who are often tokenized/not included. These steps can work in any industry.”

Read the reactions below.

Actor Mark Ruffalo also chimed in, after weighing in recently to say that he “cannot feel proud” of his recent Globes win for HBO’s I Know This Much Is True. “Thank you, @NBC,” he wrote, for taking the time to do this right. #ChangeIsGolden”

Civil rights advocacy group Color of Change noted that it had made its demands abundantly clear to the Golden Globes organizer, alongside the TimesUp coalition. “Last week, the HFPA failed to deliver,” they said. “But today, @NBCUniversal announced that they would be withdrawing their support for the #GoldenGlobes in 2022, a testament to the power of our coalition. The work to #ChangeHollywood continues: stay tuned for more.”

Lionsgate and Starz likewise responded with praise for the network. “We applaud NBC’s decisive action to require the HFPA to make the transformational changes that are needed in their membership, structure and practices,” representatives for Lionsgate and Starz said in a statement. “Until they do, we join with our industry colleagues in withdrawing from all HFPA activities.”

Meanwhile, NBCUniversal’s own news editor Andrew V. Pestano reacted by urging Ricky Gervais to host a new show in 2022, in lieu of the Golden Globes—”a special roasting the Hollywood elite”—with former Globes host Gervais playing along, and dubbing it “The Golden Balls.”

Deadline will update this story as more reactions come in.

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