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Haley (Haley Bishop) has brought together her friends; Radina (Radina Drandova), Jemma (Jemma Moore), Emma (Emma Louise Webb), Caroline (Caroline Ward) and Jinny (Jinny Lofthouse) over a Zoom call for something unique. She wants to conduct a séance with the help of a spiritual medium named Seylan (Seylan Baxter).

The women are all excited, but slightly anxious because they’ve never done anything like that before, let alone over Zoom. However, what with the current state of the world where they can’t all be in the same place at the same time, this can be a shared experience they can remember until they can make better memories together.

The séance starts off well with introductions being made and the rules set out. Each one of them has a candle and so Seylan starts the séance, although she must admit that even she’s never done one over Zoom before.

All they need to do is relax and follow the number one rule – never disrespect the spirits. However, when one of them decides to play a prank, the spirits don’t take too kindly to her attitude and decide to take it out on the gang of friends.

Host is a supernatural horror directed by Rob Savage which is very fitting for our time. Although with a film such as Unfriended, the video call horror movie seemed like a unique premise at the time. Little did we know how we’d all have to rely on video calls just to be able to communicate because other options were limited.

Starting off the film, the dialogue between the cast feels very natural and it’s believable that they all could be friends. There are even some technical difficulties along the way that make the interaction all that much more realistic.

Snippets of Host could have even been released online because the set up feels like watching a Zoom call that’s just been released online. Doing this could have even created a buzz like The Blair Witch Project. Although as the movie continues it starts to get more and more sensational as the spirits take over. Host is still an effective horror movie though and worth a watch if you enjoy watching movies alone on your computer and hoping for jump scares.

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