How Did The Notebook House Renovations Happen?

1. Third-Story Porch

In the original home, there was a second-story porch and a third-story
porch. In the movie, you get to see Noah tear down that second-story porch. He
hitches the railing to his pickup truck and drives the truck forward to break
the railing off.

2. Central Staircase

On Noah and Allie’s first trip to the house, Noah points out the central
staircase as the place where the previous owner proposed to his eventual wife.
To fix it, he would have had to refurnish the steps, add extra support, and
likely replace parts of the decrepit wood.

3. Dining Room

One of the front rooms in the house eventually becomes the dining room. It
starts out with a neglected piano and plenty of cobwebs. However, Noah
refinishes the piano and makes a dining table so they can eat on it instead of
on a blanket on the floor.

4. Porch Swing

After Noah and Allie reunite, Noah reads to Allie on the porch swing. A
porch swing isn’t necessarily too difficult to set up, but he would have had to
reinforce the second-story porch to make sure that it was strong enough to hold
the swing’s weight.

5. Painting Room

One of the things Allie wanted most in the house was a room for her
painting. That’s why Noah creates a painting room on the second story, and he
even fills the room with all the things she’ll need to paint, like an easel and

6. Master Bedroom

The other large room on the second story is the master bedroom. Noah and
Allie spend their first night here after being reunited. He refurnishes it just
like any other master bedroom, with a beautiful bed and wardrobe that the
viewer can only assume he built.

7. General Structural Renovations

There are plenty of general structural renovations that Noah would have to
do to make the house livable. This includes a new roof, replacing electrical
systems, stabilizing the chimney, leveling the foundation, adding modern plumbing,
and refinishing the floor, all things that happen off-screen.

8. Landscaping and Painting

Last is the array of “final touches” that Noah would have had to do to the
home to make it look beautiful. That includes removing overgrown brambles and
fallen trees, adding a lovely green lawn, and painting it just how Allie wanted
it – white with blue shutters.


As you can see, there are a lot of renovations that Noah would have had to
do throughout the renovation process. When you watch The Notebook for the next
time, keep an eye out for all the amazing renovations that Noah does to prove
his love to Allie.

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