How to Play the DaBaby Mod in Among Us

Rapper DaBaby makes his debut in Among Us via a new role mod. This overpowered mod lets Impostors sabotage and kill in hilarious new ways.

The Among Us modding trend has introduced some truly great ideas to the popular social deduction game, from adding Proximity Voice Chat functions to creating new roles for crewmates and Impostors. Members of the community have also used mods to show off their silly side, introducing features like a T-Rex Impostor Role. Now, players have even managed to mod rapper DaBaby into their Among Us game, following his collaboration with Epic Games’ Fortnite. In this mod, the Impostor can transform into DaBaby and use overpowered abilities against the crewmates.

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This more lighthearted mod was demonstrated by Socksfor1 in a recent video. It grants Impostors three new abilities: Nuke, Convertible, and Mine. In the video, some of these abilities play lines from DaBaby’s music, including his famous, “Let’s Go” as Nukes fall on the map. The DaBaby Role Mod changes Among Us from a game primarily about social deduction to a humorous survival game pitting crewmates against a powerful creator. Here’s how to play the DaBaby Role Mod for Among Us.

How to Play as DaBaby in Among Us

The Impostor drops a DaBaby Nuke on the map in Among Us

At the time of writing, the DaBaby Role Mod for Among Us was programmed by Aeolic for Socksfor1 and his friends. While no public download link exists, players versed in coding languages may be able to introduce a version of this mod into their own games. It is also possible that, given the mod’s newfound popularity, another modder will make it available for wider use in the future.

When a member of the crew is assigned the role of the Impostor, they take on the persona of rapper DaBaby. They have three new abilities, all considered overpowered: Nuke, Convertible, and Mine. All three abilities have very minimal cooldowns that make it virtually impossible for a crewmate to win.

When using the Nuke, a player will be taken to an aerial view of the map and have the option to drop a large area-of-effect weapon anywhere. They can target a specific crewmate using the Nuke ability, but it is a fairly easy attack to dodge, as it is telegraphed by the phrase, “Let’s Go!” and a round shadow in the shape of DaBaby’s face.

The Extra Roles mod gives four crewmates the roles of Joker, Engineer, Officer, and Medic in Among Us

The Convertible ability allows the Impostor to transform into a car, in the loosest sense. The car is actually DaBaby’s side-profile on wheels. The Impostor can roll around the map and run over crewmates to kill them when this ability is active.

Finally, the Impostor may place Mines in doorways to trap crewmates and make kills. When touched by a crewmate, the Mines will explode, though they do not affect the Impostor.

This humorous take on the modding trend for Among Us does not allow crewmates to win, let alone survive very long. However, that seems to be by design, and Socksfor1 even admits at the start of the video that it was one of the most ridiculous mods he and his friends had ever come up with. They even went so far as almost all including “Da” in front of their screen names to continue the bit.

Among Us - Imposter Hush

It is possible that DaBaby will be the first of many icons and celebrities to make a debut as a mod in Among Us as the trend catches on. After all, there have already been countless fictional character mods introduced, from a Slender Man to a Thanos Impostor Role. It was only a matter of time before popular artists entered the Skeld, Airship, Mira HQ, or Polus.

Players can see the DaBaby Mod in action in a real Among Us match in Socksfor1’s video below:

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Among Us is available for PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

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