How to start a movie blog and make money in 2021 — Every Movie Has a Lesson

Movies have the power of transforming us into a world that’s not ours. This past year and a half all of us have looked at ways that distract us from what was happening around us and movies were one of the biggest ways for us to achieve that.

As the world shut down, many of us who were confined to the bounds of our house have spent days binge watching tv series and movies. 

Whether you have intense knowledge of the movies or just a love for them, movie blogs are gaining intense popularity for it adds an individual’s unique take on their favourite movies or movies which they’ve watched recently. There is no shortage for movies for you to review and with more people turning over to the internet for entertainment, now is the perfect time for you to start your movie blog. 

How to start your movie blog?

Although starting a movie blog is easy, making it profitable isn’t. There are many movie buffs out there like you and your audience will have a larger platform to choose from. These are some of the things one must take into consideration before starting a movie blog – 

1. What is the main focus of your blog? 

Many bloggers make the mistake of starting a blog without thinking of a clear purpose resulting in their content being all over the place which can be confusing to your readers. What do you want to talk about on your blog? Do you want to review the latest movies or do you want to review the classics or do you want to talk about the work of famous actors, actresses and directors? Once you have a clear idea in mind, you can start your blog by focusing on that one thing.

2. Deciding on a domain name

Your domain name is your unique identity. It’s the first thing that your readers will look at before getting on your blog and reading a movie review. Make sure that your domain name is exciting, intriguing and something that makes a reader want to open your blog and read your posts.

3. Be conceptual

Blogs that have a natural flow, a story within a myriad of stories will look far more appealing than a blog that just has content all over the place. If you are reviewing famous movies from a particular era, then it might be a good idea to first talk about that era or movies from that particular year and then move on to the next year. If you want to review movies from one director, then reviewing only one of his movies will make less sense than reviewing the various movies that have been produced by that particular director.

4. Buying your domain name

Once you have the name of your blog, the next step would be to actually buy your domain name and hosting site. Your website is your blogs home. It is where you get to showcase your talent. You can create your blog either free or by purchasing a website and domain name. If you want a step by step tutorial on how to buy your domain name and get started, then checkout this guide on

5. Theme of your blog

Once you’ve purchased or created your website for free, it’s time for you to get creative. Use your creative skills and personalize your blog as much as you can. Remember, your blog is your identity. You’ll be sharing your unique point of view with millions of readers and the more you personalise this experience, the more chances you have of being discovered.

These are just some of the things one must remember before starting their blog but how will it generate a viable income?

How to generate money with a movie blog?

Creating a blog is easy, generating an income out of it is the hard part. There are various factors which impact one’s blog such as consistency, goals, personality motivation, network etc. listed below are a few ways in which you can start generating an income with your blog – 

1. Search engine optimisation

You have the power of the internet, you can use digital marketing tools such as search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, Adsense, ad words to help boost your content in order for it to rank higher and be visible. When writing content for your blog, make sure to use relevant keywords as keywords help with rankings. However, it’s important to remember that the search engine dynamics keep changing, what works today may or may not work tomorrow which is why you must be careful and be vigilant so you can make changes to the adwords that no longer work. This will take some amount of practice and we recommend you to use keyword generating tools to help with your on page and off page seo.

2. Social media

Social media is a very popular tool and one which can help boost your website. Post your blog content on your social media handles such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The more visible you are, the more chances you have of being discovered. Once you gain traction on social media, you can then direct them towards your website where they can review your movie in much detail. Social media handles are similar to blogs and thus will require some personalization. 

3. Affiliate marketing

Since your blog is about movies, you can use this platform to become an affiliate marketer who also recommends movie merchandise! Affiliate marketers are marketers who advertise a product on their platforms and make a commission every time a purchase is made by someone through the unique link which is provided by the markets.. Affiliate marketing is a great way for you to earn money on your blog as well as your social media handles.

4. Paid advertising

As much as we’d like to believe that our content is completely unique and is enough to drive traffic onto our websites organically, it’s not. Movies are available to everyone which means there’s a chance that someone has already reviewed a movie which interests you on their blog. Blogging is a competitive field and has only gotten fierce over the last year so you’ll have to invest into your blog through paid advertising for it to grow and gain visibility.

In Conclusion

This past year has been testing all of us and more and more people are looking at ways in which they can generate income. With people being asked to stay at home, individuals are spending more time online which means it’s the perfect time for you as a movie buff to share your point of view and to be heard by your audiences by starting a blog today! 

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