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Jax Taylor on Where Son Was Conceived, Vanderpump Rules Alum Shares How Long They Tried

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright were in a hurry when they conceived their first child, son Cruz Michael Cauchi.

One month after welcoming their baby boy in Los Angeles, the former Vanderpump Rules couple opened up about their non-romantic encounter before revealing just how long it took them to get Brittany pregnant.

“We know exactly which time it was when I got pregnant. We were in Kentucky, helping my mom ’cause she got really sick this past year,” Brittany recalled on Us Weekly‘s Moms Like Us. “So, I went to Kentucky for three months to help her, and Jax came [to] town, and we rented an Airbnb for a week because I knew I was ovulating, and obviously we did not want to be in my mom’s house.”

As Pump Rules fans may recall, Sherri Cartwright was hospitalized in June 2020 after suffering complications from a bladder procedure.

“We were really honest with her mother. We were like, ‘Listen, she’s ovulating this week. I don’t think you want us in your home,’”  Jax explained. “We said, ‘We’re going to go ahead and get an Airbnb, to be somewhat romantic, because we’re killing the romance as we speak.’”

After spending time with their former co-star, Kristen Doute, and her boyfriend, Alex Menache, who were also in Kentucky, Jax and Brittany realized that their timeline was getting crunched.

“They were at the Airbnb, and they left to go to the airport, and the maids were going to come into the Airbnb at 11,” Brittany noted. “So after they left, I was like, ‘Come on!’ We had to hurry before the maid got there. It was just not romantic at all. So, that’s how Cruz was conceived.”

According to the couple, it took them five months to conceive their baby boy because they only “hit the main ovulation days twice.”

“We had to hit that day … let me tell you how romantic it was. It would be, like, a Tuesday afternoon, I’d be out cutting the grass, she’d be like, ‘Get in here!’” Jax laughed.

While their conception story wasn’t the most romantic situation, Brittany loved that they created their child in her home state, where she and Jax hope to find a home in the future.

“He was Kentucky made, which makes me happy,” she added.

Vanderpump Rules season nine premieres this fall on Bravo.

Photo Credit: Ovidiu Hrubaru/Alamy Stock Photo

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