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Kelly Dodd Quits Twitter and Explains Why, Bashes Platform

'RHOC' Kelly Dodd Quits Twitter, Calls Platform “Evil” and “Fake” After It Allegedly Unverifies Her Account

Kelly Dodd has never been one to filter herself or her controversial beliefs.

In the latest controversy (after the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas), Kelly was called out for tweeting “we didn’t ban planes” after 9/11 and suggesting we should  “secure the schools” like we “secured the cockpits.”

Now, that tweet from Kelly is no longer visible. Not because she deleted it — but because her account no longer exists.

Pic credit: @kellydleventhal/Twitter

On Instagram, Kelly just revealed she was leaving Twitter. First, she posted an image of her Twitter handle above an error message that read, “Something went wrong. Try again.”

In the caption, Kelly wrote, “Saying goodbye to my 211,000 Twitter followers… this is for you, trolls. It’s like having a toxic boyfriend. You like getting off but it’s not worth it in the end.”

The star added, “There’s too much hate & too many fake accounts on this platform. It’s where the cancel culture was born & I’m done. Maybe if @elonmusk.ab takes over I’ll be back but until then you can find me on here on @instagram.”

Three of her hashtags were “trolls,” “bots,” and “fake.”

Earlier that day, Kelly shared that Twitter removed her “check mark,” the symbol that verifies if a celebrity is real (rather than a parody account).

Recently, Twitter has been accused of using the verification system as a political tool, removing the check mark from accounts that express different political beliefs. Many users feel this is a false accusation.

Kelly, however, seems to agree with the claim.

“I can see why @elonmusk is hesitating to buy @verified when Twitter is full of millions of bots & spam accounts & I’m an actual person w/ 211k followers,” she wrote in the post. “& they still won’t give me my check mark back. This platform is BS.”

Kelly then wrote in the comments, “I hope Elon Musk doesn’t buy BS Twitter !!! Who would buy stock in that fake evil platform ?”

Now, it seems Instagram will be Kelly’s method of communication.

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