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Kenya Moore Says ‘RHOBH’ Star Garcelle Beauvais Shouldn’t ‘Pull The Race Card Every Episode’ + Comments On Eboni K. Williams’ ‘RHONY’ Drama

Kenya Moore Says ‘RHOBH’ Star Garcelle Beauvais Shouldn’t ‘Pull The Race Card Every Episode’ + Comments On Eboni K. Williams’ ‘RHONY’ Drama

Kenya Moore recently inserted herself into conversations that took place on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and The Real Housewives of New York City.

For context, RHOBH gave actress Garcelle Beauvais a diamond last year, making her the first Black housewife on the predominately-white franchise. In similar fashion, RHONY added their first Black housewife–lawyer Eboni K. Williams–for the show’s current, 13th season.

Recently, Bravo fans watched Garcelle Beauvais educate co-star Kyle Richards on how she inadvertently supported a negative stereotype of Black people. At the season 10 reunion, Kyle Richards put Garcelle Beauvais on blast for not paying her $5,000 donation to a children’s hospital. It ended up being the result of an invoicing error, and Garcelle ultimately paid the $5,000. However, Garcelle wanted to set the record straight this season, and she let Kyle Richards know about the implications of her accusation.

In a sit-down that occurred on the second episode of season 11, Garcelle outright asked Kyle:

“Would you have said it to one of the white women?”

After asking this question, she proceeded to explain how Kyle‘s suggestion that Garcelle purposefully didn’t pay her donation fed into anti-Black stereotypes:

“This is how I feel. I feel like it was weaponized towards me being a Black woman. I know you probably didn’t do that intentionally, but I don’t think you recognize the effect that it has on me being a Black woman. There’s stereotypes that people think we don’t pay for our rent, that we don’t tip.”


After the episode aired, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore had a couple of things to say about the exchange. She tweeted:

“I don’t think @KyleRichards calling Garcelle out about not paying her donation has anything to do with color. It’s not a black or white issue it’s a green issue. Let’s not pull the race card every episode. They weren’t cool at the time. Glad they talked it through.”

Then, Kenya Moore proceeded to provide examples to prove her point… and also name-dropped Porsha Williams and Nene Leakes. She wrote:

“[F]un fact: Nene never paid her $20k donation to [the Detroit Public Schools Foundation] and @Porsha4real never paid her $5k donation to #blackmanlab both promised to pay ON CAMERA neither actually paid [sic].”

However, Kenya Moore didn’t stop there, and she also went to Instagram to comment on the education-based conflict that just went down on RHONY.

In case you missed it, the June 1st episode of RHONY showed Luann de Lesseps getting into it with Eboni K. Williams. The incident started when Luann de Lesseps suggested that uneducated people use sexually-explicit language. In response, Eboni K. Williams pointed out that she’s the most educated person in the group and still uses such language, attempting to invalidate Luann de Lesseps‘ point. However, Luann seemingly misinterpreted Eboni‘s statement–believing that she claimed to be smarter than the others in the group.


After the episode aired, Kenya Moore went to Luann‘s Instagram to comment on the matter. She wrote:

“LOL degrees make you more educated it doesn’t always mean they are more intelligent [insert laughing emoji].”

What do you think about Kenya Moore jumping into RHOBH and RHONY drama? Comment down below to let us know!

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