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Kristen Stewart Had A Wardrobe Mishap At The Met Gala

“I look down, and literally my [nipple] is in their faces.”

Kristen Stewart has been to the Met Gala quite a few times — but what happened this year was definitely a first for her.

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After walking the famous staircase in a complete Chanel look, Kristen joined the other guests at the designer’s table inside.

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But when she began speaking with tennis superstar Emma Raducanu and Gossip Girl‘s Whitney Peak, she quickly realized something was off.

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“So I go to the Met ball and there’s a new set of kids at the Chanel table. There was a beautiful young tennis player and a young actress,” Kristen explained to People.

She continued, “I’m talking to them, saying, ‘Welcome, I’ve done this a couple times,’ and they look like I’m scaring them.”

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It turns out that Kristen was completely flashing her table mates after deciding to take her jacket off.

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“I look down, and literally my [nipple] is in their faces. I was like, ‘Okay, sorry, I’ll put that away now,'” Kristen joked.

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And while it may have been a somewhat embarrassing situation for Kristen, she’s glad that it’ll probably be funny story to tell for the others in attendance.

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“They’re like, ‘Who is this crazy old actress at the Met Ball?’ This is going to be a story for them when they’re older,” Kristen concluded.

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