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Lala Kent Opens Up About Going Through A Breakup While Raising New Baby: ‘It’s Too Much’

Lala Kent understands the difficulties of having to experience a painful breakup while also having to take care of a new baby.

As you know, the 31-year-old reality star and Randall Emmett recently broke up after he allegedly got caught cheating with other women. Rumors of their split first circulated in October after Lala deleted all her photos with her former fiancé from Instagram and “liked” several social media posts alluding to the infidelity. The Vanderpump Rules star was then spotted without her engagement ring and posted a clip of herself walking through the Beverly Hills Hotel with two men while Beyoncé’s Sorry played in the background. She really couldn’t have made her relationship status any more clearer!

But despite all of the breakup speculation, reports soon came out that the exes were actually “working on their relationship” and hadn’t called off their engagement just yet. However, that may have just been wishful thinking (most likely on Randall’s part) as sources later told TMZ that he and Lala had officially ended things.

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Now, on an episode of her Give Them Lala…with Randall podcast Wednesday, the television personality opened up to her assistant Jessica and mom Lisa on how she’s handling her post-breakup life lately while raising their 7-month-old daughter Ocean:

“I take it one minute at a time because a 7-month-old can’t sit around and wait for you to get over s**t. You better keep your f**king head up and do your thing. So that’s what I do. I just never thought that my life would be where it is right now, and that’s okay. That’s totally fine. There’s moments where I have pits in my stomach, and I’m like, ‘I need God to take over right now because it’s too much.’”

It is definitely a lot to deal with…

Praising the Bravolebrity for “soldiering through” everything, Jessica noted that it feels like Lala has “lived a thousand lifetimes” and has stepped into “a new chapter” since her book Give Them Lala dropped back in May. Agreeing with Jessica about how her life kind of feels like “chapters,” Lala expressed:

“You have to be grateful for every experience because what I’ve been through in my life, which people have been through much crazier and traumatic things than I have been through, those people inspire me, who deal with things with grace and they come out on top even with the hand they were dealt.”

Although she’s going through a tough time, the momma said she’s trying to look on the bright side about her relationship with Randall and still feels these “moments” where she’s “so hopeful and happy,” explaining:

“For me, I look at it and I’m like, ‘I would never have Ocean.’ This independence that I have wouldn’t be here. It just feels amazing.”

Even more so, it sounds like she’s turning this bad circumstance into a positive lesson at the end of the day:

“If anyone doesn’t fit into your evolution and if your evolution involves you being happy or healthy and there are a lot of pluses to the changes you’ve made and people don’t fit into that anymore, not my issue, I’m burning the bridge. And I don’t care if I end up with three people around me. If you’re a quality person, that to me trumps the quantity.”

Love this attitude, Lala! You can ch-ch-check out her entire discussion in the  podcast episode (below):

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