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Leah McSweeney on Which Costars Wanted Her Fired From RHONY by Making Calls to Bravo, Why They Wanted Her Gone

Leah McSweeney talks being hazed during her first season on Real Housewives of New York City as she reveals which two co-stars contacted Bravo executives regarding her behavior and admits Dorinda Medley was in her corner. Plus, she dishes on her online relationship with superstar Rihanna.

Leah came in hot when she joined the cast in season 12, but according to her, she still wasn’t able to shut down the hazing quite like season 13 newcomer Eboni K. Williams.

“What’s great about Eboni is she came in being like, ‘I’m not going to get hazed,’” the 38-year-old told StyleCaster on May 4. “She’s like, ‘You’re not putting me in the lower level. You’re not going to haze me.’ She’s holding people accountable in a way that they’ve never been held accountable before. I mean, I don’t mind it. I kind of enjoy it.”

“I was definitely hazed,” she continued. “Oh my [gosh], I was absolutely put through the [Ramona] Singer Ringer. It’s not the Singer Stinger. It’s more like the Ringer. You get put through the Ringer. It’s more of a ring than a sting with Ramona.”

As for Dorinda’s shocking exit, Leah revealed she found out at the same time the fans did. The Married to the Mob founder went on to say that Dorinda was extremely supportive of her, especially when she was having a difficult time meshing with Ramona and Sonja Morgan, who allegedly contacted Bravo executives in an attempt to get her fired from the show.

“I found out at the same time as everyone else. She’s obviously so beloved,” Leah said of Dorinda. “She was really there for me last season. Not just on camera, but off camera.”

She continued, “After Rhode Island, I left disheveled and broken. Ramona and Sonja didn’t want me on the show after that trip. They’re going to get so mad I’m saying this. There were phone calls made to executives saying I’m not a good fit. I get too crazy when I drink, which is interesting considering how they get.”

Though Leah has been sober for more than a year now, she admits she had some extremely tough mornings last season after wild nights of filming. And ironically, it was Dorinda who pushed the mother-of-one to suck up the hangover pain and face the consequences of her drunken actions.

“It was rough,” she declared. “I remember waking up and calling Dorinda being like, ‘I don’t feel good.’ She’s like, ‘I know that feeling. Don’t worry. It’s going to be fine. You’re going to go to this tea party and you’re going to make it right.’ She was very maternal in a lot of ways. Not having Tinsley [Mortimer] on either. Those were my two confidants in a way, even though they hate each other, but whatever. I miss both of them.”

Leah also dished on her DM relationship with the singer Rihanna, which is not surprising to most fans since she’s known for reaching out to her favorite Housewives and Bravo stars.

“We’ve DM’d back and forth. I met her at an after party for the Met Gala one year,” Leah shared. “She’s the f*cking baddest b*tch in the world. There’s no one hotter and cooler than Rihanna. It’s pretty amazing [to DM with Rihanna.] How I gauge that is I tell my daughter because she isn’t isn’t impressed by anything. So if I tell her and she’s excited about it, then I know it’s worth being excited over. And she was definitely like, ‘Mom, that’s a very big deal.’ I was like, ‘I agree with you.’”

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