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Lisa Vanderpump Says Kathy Hilton ‘Won’t Take Crap’ From RHOBH Cast, Plus Does Lisa Plan to Watch Season 11?


Lisa Vanderpump Is Supporting Kathy Hilton’s Addition to RHOBH, Says “Newbie Won’t Take Any Nonsense,” Plus Does Lisa Plan to Watch Season 11?

Lisa Vanderpump believes Kathy Hilton will be a great addition to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast, but she still won’t be tuning in.

Though she was a fan favorite, Lisa left the series in 2019 after nine seasons following the puppy-gate drama. However, she still stars on several other reality shows, including Vanderpump Rules, so she knows what makes for great TV, and she seemingly thinks Kathy will be the perfect fit for RHOBH.

“I like Kathy,” she told Hollywood Life while promoting Pooch Perfect. “Kathy won’t take any nonsense. I like it when anybody changes the dynamic in a group.”

Of course, while Lisa was on the show, she typically didn’t take any nonsense either, but that all changed when the majority of her cast ganged up on her and accused her of selling a story to a popular media outlet. Unfortunately, at the same time, Lisa was also grieving the loss of her brother, who committed suicide. Since she was in a vulnerable frame of mind, the unnecessary drama became too much for the star to bear at the time. She has since pulled through the tragedy, but she still feels walking away from RHOBH midseason was the right decision.

“It was a painful time in my life when I walked away,” Lisa explained. “And I have no regrets.”

Though Lisa is happy for her longtime friend Kathy, she claims she won’t be watching to find out how she fares with the other women because she hasn’t watched the show since she left.

Lisa went on to say that she will continue to share her life with the fans but in less dramatic ways.

“On Vanderpump Rules you see a little bit of my life but it’s all business of course and on Housewives you saw a lot of my life, but it was just too toxic at that time for me, the arguing,” Lisa shared. “I had just lost my brother. I wasn’t in the same place. Now I’m stronger, kind of fighting back. At that time I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. I just walked away. I couldn’t even complete the series.”

“Looking back, I wasn’t there. That’s for sure,” she continued. “Vanderpump Rules, you see quite a lot of my business life on that. Overserved, you see a lot of the glamorous stuff we do, cooking and stuff and home, but I think that it’s spilt into so many different situations. You’ll see me at Vanderpump Dogs, the new show on Peacock which is a big part of my life.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11 premieres on Wednesday, May 19, at 8/7c on Bravo.

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