London Confidential review : A predictable but decent spy thriller

Cast: Mouni Roy (Uma), Purab Kohli (Arjun), Kulraj Randhawa, Pravessh Rana

Director: Kanwal Sethi

Producers: Mohit Chhabra and Ajay Rai

Writer: S. Hussain Zaidi

ZEE5 latest espionage film London Confidential: The Chinese Conspiracy follows RAW agents in London investigating China’s role in the pandemic. It’s a decent watch which attempts a good plot. The plot revolves around a virus outbreak, aimed biological warfare by a different enemy nation. Despite having multiple plot holes and gaps in the story, the film is a good but predictable watch. The twists and turns are good, but could have been better. #TheTraitorWithin

Story and concept

In the post Covid-19 time, bits of gossip are overflowing that a significantly deadlier new infection has begun spreading on the Indo-China outskirt. Secret RAW specialist Biren Ghosh (Diljohn Singh) has figured out how to contact a Chinese ‘source.’ He expects to introduce the source at a meeting in London as proof of China’s most recent crime. Only seven days before the meeting, Biren disappears. After a day, his body is fished out of the Thames. Clearly data about Biren and his central goal had been spilled to the Chinese insight office, MSS.

With Biren dead, the group of RAW operators on the mission are confronted with two inquiries: Who is Biren’s source? Furthermore, who is the mole among them? They have six days close by, and just one piece of information; a Chinese artistic creation abandoned by Biren for Uma (Mouni Roy), who heads the mission.

Uma heads a group of Indian agents who need to cover grounds on numerous homicides in their London unit and forestall plausibility of a far and away more terrible situation in the midst of a progressing worldwide emergency. Chinese play the adversary and several white muscle men are tossed in to thump individuals in stray activity scenes. London Confidential has a novel visual tone in its account that spares the whole arrangement. The scary quiet and cleaning up of cityscape functions as a token of our environmental factors and that commonality hits home impeccably.


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Mouni Roy, making her digital debut, shows conviction in playing her part which is different from her previous work in bollywood films. Purab Kohli did a fabulous job. Kulraj Randhawa is quite convincing with her performance as Indian ambassador to the United Kingdom, Nirupama. Pravessh Rana played his small part decently.Sharad Kelkar and Mohan Kapoor (as senior RAW officer) did justice to their respective roles.


The screenplay is well-written and Kanwal Sethi does justice with his direction. The cinematography beautifully showcases the London scenes convincingly, which are great looking. Crisply-pointed editing and short runtime of just 1 hour and 17 minutes makes it worth a watch. Film received mixed reviews from the critics and audiences, due to its bland and predictable plot.

Another thing to note is that due to strong key characters, it can be termed as a women-centric film. Uma and Nirupama are both independent women, who are focussed on their careers and are passionate about their work.

You can watch #LondonConfidential which is streaming on ZEE5 here.

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