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Monique Samuels Talks Exposing RHOP Costars in Bindertime Stories, Dream Spinoff and Who She Keeps In Touch With

Monique Samuels is opening up about her recently launched series, Bindertime Stories.

Following her dramatic appearance at the Real Housewives of Potomac season five reunion, during which she toted a binder filled with receipts, Monique chatted with Reality Blurb about the inspiration behind the series, which former co-stars she keeps in touch with, her dream spinoff, and her latest business ventures.

“I was inspired by my supporters. They kept messaging me like, ‘Release the binder!’ And I was like, ‘Let me think of a way I can do this so that it’s not super messy.’ I don’t want to get sued. So I was like… ‘I’m going to make it into a riddle,’” Monique told us on April 23.

While Monique, 37, launched her series with the intent of appeasing her many fans and followers, she enjoyed the process of making each episode.

“It was a nice way for me to have closure from being a part of reality TV for four years and then walking away. I was able to put all my thoughts down into a rhyme and let people figure out who I’m talking about,” she shared. “Every part gets better and better and when you think you know [who’s who], once you hear the next part, you’re going to go back to part one. It really is a riddle.”

Although none of her former castmates have reached out to her in regard to Bindertime Stories: Part One, which was released earlier this month, that came as no surprise to Monique.

“If they reach out they’re going to snitch on themselves because only they know who I’m talking about,” she pointed out.

In the coming weeks, fans will be seeing the continuation of Bindertime Stories with the release of parts two and three.

“Part two we go a little deeper and then part three is very explosive. Part three was like, ‘I’m gonna let all of y’all have it!’ It’s very juicy,” Monique teased.

When we then suggested Monique publish her controversial binder, she said she will be doing something of the sort in the future. However, it won’t be the “actual binder” because, as she explained, that “would be too messy.”

In the months since confirming her RHOP exit on Instagram, Monique has maintained friendships with just two of her ex-cast mates, Karen Huger and Ashley Darby.

“Those are the only two people who I care to [have] a relationship with,” she admitted.

As for the possibility of starring on her own show, Monique said she’d be open to the idea if it was based around her life at home.

“If I had a show of my own, it would definitely [focus] on Black excellence [and] family and how we really are and how we’re really not much different from the rest of the world,” she explained. “When I first came to reality tv, I really wanted to have a positive representation of an African American family. And I feel like that’s the only type of show I would participate in if I were to do reality TV again. I would love a show that showed more of [my family], almost like a modern-day Huxtables.”

As Monique’s fans dream about her future return to television, she’s focused on life outside of television as she continues to promote her line of 100 percent pure essential oils, Mila Eve Essentials, and the upcoming launch of her new skincare line.

EXCLUSIVE: Monique Samuels Talks Exposing RHOP Cast Mates in "Very Juicy" Bindertime Stories, Reveals Which Co-Stars She Still Speaks to, and Admits She Quit Watching Bravo, Plus Teases Dream Spinoff and Skincare Line

Monique Samuels poses with her  Mila Eve Essentials Oil line

“It’s changing lives. And I love that people really see the benefits and they’re falling in love with essential oils the same way that I did years ago,” she told us, noting that her fans and supporters frequently asked her about her use of oils prior to the start of her company.

“[People] would always ask me about essential oils. And once I started seeing that the market was becoming supersaturated with essential oils that were not pure, [but] full of fragrances [and] chemicals, I was fearful that the people who I’ve been talking about oils to for so long would purchase those and totally mess themselves up. So I said, ‘You know what? I’m going to look into this.’ And I did,” Monique recalled.

Regarding her skincare line, Monique revealed she is currently in the testing phase with a launch date set for this summer.

“I’ve been testing my own skincare products, face washes, charcoal masks, and everything and I’ll be launching my flawless skin line through Mila Essentials this summer,” she shared.

Bindertime Stories: Part Two will be released on Monique’s YouTube channel, Tea With Monique, on April 28 at 6:30 p.m.

Following the release of the episode, Monique will be joined by DJ Richie Sky and Funky Deneava for an hour-long live chat with fans at 7 p.m.

Photos Credit: Billy Maloy

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