Movie Date Guide to Building Sexual Chemistry in No Time — Every Movie Has a Lesson

by Miranda Davis

Movie dates undoubtedly bring a lot of good times, especially for first-timers looking to create a romantic relationship. While it is an evergreen teen dating idea, it’s something that old and seasoned daters used many years ago. Regardless, you can still use this idea to bring someone you recently met from one of the dating apps listed in Dating Reviewer closer and build sexual chemistry. That said, you need a movie date guide to hack your planned movie outing. Below is a guide to consider.

1. Be Prepared

Showing up prepared is the first date guide to consider if you want to build sexual chemistry with your partner during the movie outing. While it isn’t among the many tips on informal date guide books available online, being prepared before you arrive at the theater is prudent.

That said, before making the pre-date call, ensure that you have an idea of the movie names and times. If she agrees to your date, zero in on an interesting film that will interest both of you. Don’t pick the latest romantic or action movie that you personally like unless she likes it too.

This guide on being prepared holds some truth, even on spontaneous movie dates. For instance, assuming you went out for dinner and spontaneously decided to watch a movie afterward. Before winding up your dinner, spare some minutes to identify the latest romantic comedies, blockbusters, or comedies that may interest your partner. Fortunately, you can leverage several movie guides available online. Also, be ready and flexible to change course at any time.

2. Dress for the Occasion

A dressing guide is essential regardless of the occasion. However, if you’re going to the movies, you can dress casually, just like you would dress when going out with friends. Generally, you should dress to make a good impression throughout. Therefore, apart from a good choice of clothing, wear lovely perfume and accessories appropriately. If you are meeting for the first time, try to find an appropriate first date dressing guide for guys.

3. Try Getting Into the Comfort Zone

Use the following guide to get your partner into the comfort zone as you watch;

Take advantage of loud scenes to start a conversation. If you’ve read several date nights guides, starting a conversation amidst loud noises is a perfect excuse to get into your partner’s comfort zone.

Intentionally talk softly. Talking softly to your partner is a perfect excuse to make your partner move closer. Use this guide to make him/her shift closer to you. With this, the only space between you will be a few inches taken by the armrest.


While there are many guides on how to build a connection with someone through a movie date, only a few guides highlight how to develop sexual chemistry. Therefore, as you go through various resources on what a date guide is and what you should do during the date, ensure that you note some specific tips that improve sexual chemistry.

That said, which other guides help build sexual chemistry, especially for first-timers? Share your ideas in the comments!

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