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Nicole Kidman Is Sketchy AF in Nine Perfect Strangers Trailer

Been feeling rather unwell lately? 

Maybe it’s time for a trip to Hulu’s Nine Perfect Strangers, the latest adaptation of a Liane Moriarty book starring Nicole Kidman. A first trailer for the miniseries ran during the Oscars, and it might make you think twice about dreaming of a little guided getaway. Or it might not, because it’s hard to tell what’s going on here. 

Kidman plays Masha, a mysterious Russian woman who runs a 10-day retreat that promises healing and transformation. The story follows nine “perfect strangers” who have come for rejuvenation and might end up leaving with a whole lot more, or less. Per Hulu, they “have no idea what is about to hit them.” 

Moriarty also wrote Big Little Lieswhich also starred Kidmanso we already know we can’t trust those serene nature vibes, as if the screaming in the trailer wasn’t already a big red flag. 

The cast, of course, is stellar. 

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