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Please Join Me As I Remember The Time Kris Jenner Heavily Photoshopped Gordon Ramsay’s Face

Look what they did to my boy.

Riding a bike… The Alamo… Grandma’s birthday… The time you called the teacher “mom”… Nicki Minaj’s verse from “Monster”…

These are things we must never forget.

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Because we here at BuzzFeed are always dedicated to bringing you the hottest celeb news, gossip, and unsolved mysteries, let me set the scene.

This is Kris Jenner, commonly referred to as “America’s mom.”

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And this is Gordon Ramsay, commonly referred to as “America’s dad.”

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Seven years ago, Kris released a cookbook call “In The Kitchen With Kris,” which appears to be a “kollection” (German word?) of family favorites.

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And you know what happened? Gordon Ramsay showed up. And what did he do when he showed up? He took an Instagram picture. With who? With Kris Jenner. Who’s that? Well, that’s who many commonly refer to as “America’s mom.”

Normal enough, right? Just a nice pic of two friends posing with a kollection (Bavarian word?) of recipes.

But then history was made.

Take a look at this Insta that Kris posted shortly after. Notice anything different? How Gordon Ramsay looks like an expensive candle?

She edited Gordon too! Smoothed my guy right out. Like he got flattened by a piano someone pushed out of a skyscraper. Gave him the old photoshop assist. The smudge alley-oop. The clone tool collab.

They put my guy in that Mario Party 2 game!

And ya know what? They look great! God bless my new mom and dad. Hope they can make it to my First Communion this Thursday.

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That’s it! Thanks for remembering this with me. Check back in seven years for when I cover the hottest news, gossip, and stories from June 2021!

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