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Prepare For a Loverboy Summer, Thanks to Summer House

Kyle, 38, is well are of the apprehensions some viewers may have when it comes to a reality star starting an alcohol brand.

“It’s kind of tricky just because someone comes on and you have to wonder if they have the right intentions in the first place, long before they drop some type of product,” he explained. “And more often than not, they’re not dropping anything that’s unique. Basically any spirit or any wine can be white-labeled. Not to knock on any Housewives wines, but let’s be honest, do you own a vineyard? Are you the winemaker? No, so what are you doing? You’re just selling it under your name.”

Over the last three years, viewers have watched as Kyle, Amanda and fellow cast member Carl Radke, vice president of sales, have put their “blood, sweat and tears” into building Loverboy, which first launched in January 2020 with three flavors of hard seltzers. 

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