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Pump Rules’ Scheana Shay Reacts to Brock Cheating Rumors

Vanderpump Rules' Scheana Shay Reacts to Brock Davies Cheating Rumors as He Explains Why She Doesn't Trust Him to Attend Music Festivals Alone

Scheana Shay is addressing cheating rumors regarding her fiancé, Brock Davies.

After spending time together at the Coachella and Stagecoach music festivals and documenting their time at the events on their social media pages, the Vanderpump Rules cast member was forced to defend her relationship after a fan suggested she couldn’t trust her future husband.

After Scheana and Brock were noticeably absent as Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright celebrated the first birthday of their son, Cruz Michael Cauchi, last month with a number of their former Pump Rules castmates, Scheana took to her podcast, where she confirmed the report was false.

“Someone said you skipped Cruz’s birthday because you don’t trust Brock alone. I don’t know if that means in general or at a festival,” Scheana said in a clip shared on her podcast’s Instagram page.

“For that rumor, Scheana is very worried about everything and so I do put a lot of pressure on you but I think you’re learning more and more,” Brock replied.

“What do you mean ‘worried about everything?’” Scheana asked in response.

Then, after Brock again said, “You worry about everything,” Scheana pointed out to Brock that his comment would likely lead to even more speculation regarding the supposed trust issues between them.

“People will hear that and think that you mean that you would cheat on me at a festival if you were by yourself. That’s where people’s brains go,” she explained.

But Brock quickly shot the idea down, stating that because he’s in a “happy relationship” with Scheana, he is able to 100 percent commit to things he wants to do outside of their romance.

“Here’s the best part about being in a happy relationship: Being in a happy relationship means that I can do everything else 100 percent because I know what I’m coming home to. I know what is here for me. And that gives me the ability to commit to other things at 100 percent. And if that’s partying at a festival or if that’s commuting to work and everything I want to do, I can do that,” he shared.

Although the couple did their best to shut down the questions about their relationship, Brock further fueled the reports by revealing why Scheana doesn’t trust him at music festivals.

“I don’t know if people’s brains are there but they gotta understand that the reason you don’t trust me at a festival is because I like to party a lot at festivals,” he laughed.

And right away, their fans and followers took to the comments section of the post with their concerns.

“I’m so confused,” one person admitted.

“This is so cringe!!!!!” said another.

“Way to [beat] around the bush Brock!” a third fan noted.

“Yeah, I’m not feeling his answer,” someone else agreed.

Vanderpump Rules season 10 has not yet been confirmed.

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