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Raquel Leviss “Hates” Nose After Plastic Surgery

Pump Rules' Raquel Leviss Says She "Absolutely Hates" Her Nose After Surgery and Reacts to Looking “Different Without Makeup,” Plus Talks “Insecurities”

Raquel Leviss is speaking out after it was noted that she looks “a lot different without makeup.”

Months after opening up about her disappointment in the results she obtained after undergoing a rhinoplasty, the Vanderpump Rules cast member, who previously considered going under the knife for a second time, shared her thoughts on her differing look while opening up about her “insecurities.”

“[That] is one hundred percent true,” Raquel admitted in a video shared to her Instagram Story of the online claim, via Bravo’s Style & Living. “I feel like I can, you know, exaggerate my eyes a little bit more with a wing, and I can contour my nose really well with makeup.”

Earlier this week, a Reddit user posted a screenshot of Raquel after she visited Caela Esthetics for a skin treatment.

“Ok Raquel is gorgeous but I am shook at how different she looks [without] makeup,” the person had written.

Vanderpump Rules Raquel Leviss With No Makeup

According to Raquel, she loves Instagram and its filters because it allows her to alter certain things that bother her in photos and videos, including her nose.

“I absolutely hate my nose, and it’s an easy, easy fix just to straighten that out,” she explained.

In the image mentioned, Raquel said she was “very, very pale” because she “just got a facial,” whereas she typically has a spray tan.

“The reason why I love spray tans so much is because it’s easier to even out my skin complexion and cover my dark circles with a spray tan,” Raquel continued in her video, during which she looked much different with her makeup and hair done.

Vanderpump Rules Raquel Leviss Admits She Hates Her Nose After Plastic Surgery

Raquel went on to say that she’s not alone in her feelings about certain aspects of her appearance.

“Everyone has insecurities,” she noted. “Even if you think that person doesn’t have any, guess again, because they one hundred percent do.”

During season nine of Vanderpump Rules, Raquel admitted, “[My nose] didn’t turn out the way I exactly wanted it to.” And during the reunion special, she confirmed that after forgoing her previous plan to have a second procedure, she had “come to terms with it.”

“I feel like, with a little contouring, it looks fine,” she said.

The Vanderpump Rules cast is expected to go into production soon on the upcoming 10th season of the Bravo reality show.

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