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RHONJ’s Joe Gorga Screams at Tenant Over Unpaid Rent

VIDEO: RHONJ's Joe Gorga Screams at Tenant Over Alleged Unpaid Rent as Tenant Promises to Call Cops, Plus How Much Tenant is Accused of Owing

Joe Gorga has been accused of losing his temper once or twice. During his freshman season on Real Housewives of New Jersey, audiences quickly witnessed his first shouting match with Joe Giudice, his then-brother-in-law.

Of course, this wasn’t the last time his screams were caught on camera. The 42-year-old has gone head-to-head with multiple castmates in the franchise, including his sister Teresa Giudice.

Recently, Joe was filmed in a verbal altercation with a tenant, who lives in an apartment complex Joe owns. This time, the footage isn’t Bravo’s — it was captured by the tenant himself.

During the wild video, obtained by TMZ, the tenant sat in his car as Joe shouted insults and profanities.

“You f**king loser. Pay your f**king rent! Four f**king years, you f**king asshole!” yelled Joe. “You f**king bum.”

“Keep coming to do this to me,” replied the tenant with his camera. “This is what you do.”

Throughout the exchange, both men shouted accusations. At one point, the tenant expressed, “Next time don’t come at me with a sledgehammer. I’m gonna put a restraining order.” Joe then accused him of selling drugs.

The tenant stated, “Your boy told me that you told him not to f**king fix anything in the apartment… That’s exactly what he said.”

Later on, Joe approached the tenant’s vehicle as the man expressed, “I’m calling the cops. I’m calling the cops.”

When Joe got closer, the tenant said, “Go ahead, do it! Do it, do it, do it, baby!”

When both men started driving, the tenant shouted, “Now you’re gonna hit me with the car?”

Joe’s lawyer, W. Peter Ragan, claims the tenant owes nearly $50,000 in rent. According to the outlet, the tenant is “claiming [that] Joe’s gotten a good chunk of rent money from the state due to a COVID relief program.”

According to Ragan, Joe has collected nearly $40,000 in COVID rental assistance from New Jersey, but the tenant hasn’t paid rent since October 2018.

Joe’s representative Mike Martocci claims Joe felt bad for the guy (initially), which is why Joe didn’t want an eviction. Now, however, the star has reportedly filed the eviction papers.

According to TMZ, the tenant “says he’s a restaurant manager who lost his job during COVID, and is still trying to get back on his feet.”

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