Ryan Reynolds Suggests The Always Sunny Gang For Fantastic Four Reboot

In what has to be one of the best pitches I’ve heard in a long time, Ryan Reynolds has suggested the fab five from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Charlie, Mac, Sweet Dee, Dennis, and Frank to be the stars of the new Fantastic Four reboot. A wild idea? Sure, but interesting nonetheless. You can check out Reynolds’ tweet below.

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I think Dennis would have an easy transition to Doctor Doom.

Of course, this is simply Ryan Reynolds being Ryan Reynolds and while having the gang from It’s Always Sunny star as the Fantastic Four has less than a one-percent chance of happening, it does sound like a great idea for an episode of the long-running FX comedy series. Even though this would be film would come at a steep price in not having a third Deadpool film, I’d take that deal.

While we won’t be getting a Marvel Cinematic Universe version of this idea, I again push for the Sunny gang to make this happen in episode form. At the very least we will be getting an actual Fantastic Four reboot. A franchise that has seemed to give those bringing the property to the big screena  However, this time the project is from Kevin Feige and his team and if they can’t pull it off, I would say no one can.

What are your thoughts on this idea? Let us know in the comments down below!

Source: Maximum Effort (via MovieWeb)

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