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Salma Hayek’s Owl Coughed a Rat Hairball on Harry Styles

Salma Hayek has a very interesting tale to tell about her pet owl.

The 54-year-old actress made an appearance on Tuesday (June 15) on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she spoke about her pet owl Kering.

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During the appearance, Salma spoke about how her owl behaves, and one particularly wild incident.

“There’s this ball of hair that comes out of their mouth. One time there was a very important celebrity, I will not say his name, and he was really excited about the owl and was hoping that the owl would go on his head because it was on me. He was like, ‘I need an owl in my life. How do you do that?’” she explained.

“The minute he least expected it, he came on his head but then he did the thing and this thing came out, this ball of rat hair was on his head,” Salma went on to say.

By the end of the interview, she revealed who it was: “Harry Styles. He was super cool, by the way. He was super cool, even with that happening. He’s so good. He’s the best.”

“She kinda lives among the house, so sometimes I forget. Sometimes people come to work on the house or something and it’s so funny because I’ve seen really big guys, workers, that all of a sudden she flies on top of them and they [scream]. Not even with a snake they can get so scared because they’re not expecting it. I find it hilarious. I love it. But I don’t do it on purpose. When it happens I do enjoy it,” Salma admitted.

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