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State (Remix) tells the story of an old man, alone and abandoned by his only living relative, haunted by his role in altering the course of American history, prepares to commit suicide. His grandson, a young, traumatized veteran is on the edge, caught between his memory and reality, trying to reach his estranged girlfriend who doesn’t know that he’s back, or gone AWOL. In one last desperate attempt he seeks her out, but at this point everything is a trigger.

Filmmaker Alain Nouvel got his start in the film business in New York City in 2009 as a set runner on an independent feature film called Finding Julia and as a video editor for companies like Warby Parker, Lenovo, and Search Party Music. Alain landed a job as Director’s Assistant to three-time Sundance Best Cinematography Award winner Ellen Kuras. For the next year he worked alongside her in that role. She inspired him to make State (Remix), his first feature film.

State (Remix) was recently featured by on their main website as well as on their YouTube Channel, Hollywood Streams. On March 9, Alain Nouvel spoke at a UCLA Public History undergraduate class where he talked about his experience creating the film and answered students’ questions.

We asked Alain where he got the idea for the film. He told us, “State (Remix) started with an article about one of the darkest, most decisive events in American history. It grew into a story about two characters: an old man and a young man. The old man is guilt ridden by his involvement in that monumental event and succumbs to the burden decades later, while the young man, a veteran, struggles to come to grips with his own trauma as he seek out his estranged girlfriend. Anguish and despair can reveal themselves in the most unexpected ways.”

Alain also explained how his idea developed into the script, “The script was originally developed with the idea that our personal and shared histories are not always distinguishable. Allusions to the old man’s past coupled with the pain of his lost family life added to the intimacy and compounded the tragedy, while manifestations of the young man’s trauma, suffered while on active duty, elevated the story to a broader perspective on history. The parallel montage sequences bind these characters’ journeys.”

For more information visit the official State (remix) website HERE.

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