“The Bold Type” Girls Are The Definition Of BFFs, And These Moments Prove It

Kat, Sutton, and Jane’s friendship is for life.

First premiering in 2017, The Bold Type follows the lives of three young professional women, Kat, Jane, and Sutton, and their jobs at a popular magazine in New York City.

The long-running show has given us feminist powerhouse moments, heartwrenching storylines, and above all: a true depiction of incredible female friendship. Jane, Kat, and Sutton have continuously proved their friendship is made to last.

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So let’s look back on all the times they proved that they’re the ultimate BFF’s. 


They support each other through heartbreak.

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In Season 1, Kat and Adena break up, resulting in a heartbroken Kat. Of course, Sutton and Jane are there to console her. Just as Kat and Sutton are there when Jane and Pinstripe first break up. For them, It’s about getting each other through the sadness.  


They celebrate their successes together.

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Like when Kat and Jane walked in Sutton’s fashion show or Kat became Sutton’s personal photographer and encouraged her to become a fashion influencer. These girls are always there for each other. 


They stick by each other through the tough stuff.

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Throughout the show, Jane deals with scary health situations involving breast cancer and also grapples with the tough decision to freeze her eggs. Jane gets through it all — like an emotional walk to support breast cancer awareness to getting tested for the BRCA gene in Season 1 to eventually getting an operation in Season 4 — with her best friends by her side. 


They encourage each other to step outside of their comfort zones.

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Kat and Jane were endlessly supportive of Sutton’s career moves throughout the seasons. From working in fashion to becoming a designer herself, Sutton’s BFFs were there through it all. 


Like all good BFFs, they finagle their way into doing everything together.

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When Kat and Sutton are invited to Paris Fashion Week in season 2, Jane is sadly unable to go, but like any true trio, they scheme their way into getting Jane to Paris so the BFFs can experience the city of lights together. 


They have hard conversations with each other.

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For most of the series, Jane and Sutton complement each other as roommates, (with Kat acting as their honorary roomie of course) but an early-season storyline has Jane grappling with the idea that Sutton keeps a shotgun in the house. This semi-controversial topic finds the trio talking about their differences in a real, authentic way. It’s a true testament to their willingness to work through opposing viewpoints and speaks to their lasting bond. 


They get each other through every work crisis.

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The fashion closet knows all. But seriously, these three know how to rally even when work gets overwhelming. From playing dress-up to consoling each other when something doesn’t go their way, Kat, Sutton, and Jane can always meet in the fashion closet to decompress and reassess. 


They’re practically in each other’s relationships.

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Like not actually…. but when Sutton gets engaged in Season 4, Kat and Jane feel like they got engaged, too. Really, that’s the marker of true friendship.


They know how to have a good time together.

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From drunken nights out to encouraging Jane to go wild at a sex club, these three are the epitome of fun city girls. 


They help each other in uncomfortable situations…

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Like when Kat helped Jane retrieve the stuck yoni egg in Season 1. I mean, that’s true friendship right there. 


They’re there for each other when a plan goes awry.

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Like in Season 3, when Kat lost in her run for city council, the girls are there to help each other pivot, no matter the outcome. Or in Season 4, when Richard and Sutton called it quits after Sutton realizes she doesn’t want kids. Kat, Sutton, and Jane support each other even when life plans, like a foray into politics or calling off a long-term relationship, gets disrupted. 


They love each other even when it’s hard.

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Life throws these girls many curveballs and throughout everything — from figuring out their sexuality to breaking down after a breakup to undergoing intensive surgery — Kat, Jane, and Sutton continue to uplift and support each other no matter what. 

What’re your favorite friendship moments from The Bold Type? Let us know below.

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