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The Republicans Are Now a Neo-Fascist Party

The Republican Party has suffered a total moral collapse and is now held together by a bunch of “nutcases” happy to endorse autocracy and neo-fascism, according to Howard Dean, the former presidential candidate and ex-chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

The Democratic Party grandee tells Molly Jong-Fast he won’t run for office again, so he is no longer treading on eggshells, in a fiery edition of The New Abnormal.

Dean said there are still one or two decent Republicans in Washington, D.C. but they lack the backbone to stand up to the people who have taken over the party.

“I hate to call Republicans right-wing fascists because often they supported me, but this is unrecognizable,” he said. “They believe in autocracy not democracy, they are racist. It’s just shocking. What’s happened to the Republican Party.”

He has said Republican members of the House of Representatives were particularly inept. “There are some House Republicans who are basically a sentient YouTube comment section,” Dean said. “They have nothing to contribute, frankly, to American politics, except for incendiary and sometimes delusional public statements.”

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