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Roger Emmerlich (Richard Harmon) is coming home after the death of his father. He’s not had a great childhood and there are bits he doesn’t remember so clearly, but nonetheless Richard is returning with his friend, Jordan (Echo Andersson) and his girlfriend, Beth (Sara Thompson).

As he enters the house though, Roger thinks that there’s more going on than he knows and there may be something buried deep in his past that he needs to uncover. Also, little do they know but they’re being watched by a corporeal entity which has evil in mind.

The Return is a generic horror movie which falls into all the tropes that an audience would expect, however it unfortunately doesn’t make any sense either. First of all, the first rule of any horror movie should be that you never show the monster, but it seems that the filmmakers hired somebody to do the CGI so at every given opportunity the monster appears.

It also doesn’t help that there’s not a lot of consistency with the look of the monster either and the explanation for its existence is also somewhat confused.

Although the cast try and do the best with the script, there seems to be very little chemistry between Roger and Beth as well. Not to mention the unusual choice of making Jordan into the most annoying character in the film, but forgetting to add anything that makes her endearing rather than childish.

The typical things happen such as creepy noises, fleeting glances of the monster and people going where they shouldn’t, but there really isn’t enough to keep the audience invested, even when one of the characters does bite the dust. It also seems that the rest of the cast agree and when they do finally discover the body it’s as if they never existed and they carry on.

The Return seems to be a ghost story that wasn’t really well thought out and all those involved were just there to get paid. There’s an attempt at a few surprises along the way and a final twist, but it will just leave the audience frustrated and confused.

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